Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Every time a patient comes into one of my examination rooms, their eyes always move to the X-ray machine hanging on the wall. And I understand why — with its long arms, hinges that pivot, and elongated head that houses the X-ray Tube, it can look to patients like an alien or futuristic ray gun.

So I understand how it can seem a little scary. Also, most people have heard about radiation, and are understandably concerned about radiation being used on their bodies.

But, fortunately, those concerns should be left in the past, along with the old-fashioned analog X-ray machines you grew up with.

At Modern Family Dental Care, we use only the newest and best technologies in our Charlotte dental offices. So, all of my exam rooms feature digital X-Ray machines. These have incredibly high resolution and use less radiation than the older versions. In fact, you’ll receive more radiation during a 2 hour flight, than you would getting an X-ray from us.

Also, by using digital x-rays, we don’t waste time developing film. So your results are immediately available, making sure we don’t waste your valuable time while you’re in the dental chair.

And, while I’m talking about dental X-rays, sometimes patients ask me if they’re necessary. I always answer, “Yes!” Here’s why: Dentists use X-rays to show areas of decay that we can’t see during an oral exam; reveal bone loss that accompanies gum disease; show changes in the bone that can result from a root canal or infection; assist in the preparation of tooth implants, braces or dentures; reveal an abscess at the root of a tooth; and show cysts and some types of tumors.

So, when you go to visit a dentist (hopefully every six months), and they want to take an X-ray of your teeth with something that looks like a futuristic ray gun, let them. They’re doing it for your benefit, to make sure that you’ll have a healthy mouth and a great smile.

-Dr. Taj

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