Experience the Difference with Our Exclusive Dental Membership

Your Dental Health, Your Terms!

Are you tired of the endless cycle of dental insurance premiums, surprise denials, and restrictions on your dental care? Living in Concord, NC and the Charlotte Metro you have access to our exclusive dental membership program or a dental savings plan. Our non dental insurance membership is the solution you’ve been searching for. Say goodbye to traditional dental insurance limitations and hello to freedom, savings, and superior dental health.

Membership Benefits

No deductible or wiating Periods

Money directly used for benefits

No claims denied

Not enslaved to insurance

Freedom to choose

No wasted benefits

Money back to reduce costs

All Inclusive Treatments

No frustration with billings and denials

No surprise Dental Bills

Unlock a World of Dental Possibilities – It’s All Included!

Say hello to comprehensive care without complications. When you join our exclusive dental membership, we strip away the confusion and complexity of traditional dental care. Here’s what’s included, made simple and straightforward, for every member:
Unlock a World of Dental Possibilities It’s All Included!
Unwavering Coverage, All Year Round
With our membership, you enjoy not just one, but two preventative exams, ensuring your dental health is continuously monitored.
Smile Brighter, Stress Less
Get up to two basic healthy mouth cleanings or two periodontal maintenances a year, because we know the foundation of a great smile is great preventive care.
Catch Issues Early
We include two sets of bitewing X-rays annually to spot cavities when they're small, making treatment easier and less invasive.
Fluoride Treatments for Stronger Teeth
Receive two fluoride treatments per year to fortify your teeth against decay, keeping your smile not just beautiful, but strong.
Emergency? We’ve Got You Covered
Facing an unexpected dental issue? Relax, you have two emergency visits per year, so you’re protected against the unforeseen.
Innovative Cancer Screening
Benefit from one VELscope oral cancer screening a year, employing the latest technology for your peace of mind.

Choose freedom, choose savings, choose premium care. Join us today!

Join Us Today! Watch Dr. Taj's Seminar Explaining The Program

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your dental care experience. With our unique membership program, you gain more than just dental services; you invest in a lifetime of smiles and health. Choose freedom, choose savings, choose premium care. Join us today!

For more information watch Dr. Taj’s presentation about about the membership program and have a peek at the brochure.