Advantages of Getting a Dental Implant

Benefits of dental Implants

A missing tooth can be a disaster for your smile. That’s a complete confidence killer. You wouldn’t want that to happen, right? But sometimes it’s unavoidable. Tooth loss happens due to tooth decay, gum disease or injury, and it happens to many.

You don’t have to suffer the consequences of a missing tooth but rather you should act on it. There are available options for you to restore that beautiful smile, such as dentures and bridges. But a more innovative and permanent choice is readily available for you and that is getting a dental implant.

What is a Dental Implant?

They act as one of the best replacement options for a missing tooth.

The implants are made from Titanium because it’s lightweight, highly durable and biocompatible to the human body.

Components of a Dental Implant

A dental implant consists of  three distinct parts:

1. Root or Implant – The titanium root goes to the jawbone that acts like an anchor similar to a normal tooth root function.

2. Abutment or Connector – This is inserted into the fixture to connect it to the replacement tooth. 

3. Crown or Tooth – This is the actual teeth replacement made of porcelain, either permanent or removable.

These components are placed or inserted separately in three stages. The replacement root goes first into the gum through a dental implant surgery. The wound is left to heal until the surrounding bone grows over the implant.

After the incision heals and the implant has stabilized, the abutment will be screwed or cemented to the root. This acts as the connector between the root and the prosthetic crown. A temporary crown will be attached while the permanent one is being fabricated.

The final stage is the placement of the permanent dental crown once the wound has healed. The entire dental implant procedure may take six to nine months depending on the individual’s healing process and circumstances.

5 Benefits of Dental Implants

1. Look, Act and Feel Like Teeth

You wouldn’t have a hard time getting used to your dental implant because it’s just like the tooth that you lost. It looks and feels like your own teeth. It functions optimally like a normal tooth.

2. Don’t Damage Healthy Teeth

Because dental implants are anchored to your jaw, they wouldn’t interfere or damage the surrounding teeth, unlike bridges and dentures that require grinding the teeth. They will actually support the healthy ones and protect them from shifting.

3. They Are Permanent

Because dental implants are designed to merge with the bone, they become permanent. They are safely secured and almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.  

4. Brush and Floss Like Real Teeth

You may think that it would be harder to brush or floss with a dental implant but that’s not true. In fact, it’d be much like the same as before. You can brush and floss your teeth like you normally do. Individual implants are even better when brushing hard to reach places or accessing between teeth.

5. Should Last A Lifetime

These fixtures are very durable and sturdy. A dental implant can last for many years. It can even last a lifetime. The only thing you need to do is to properly care for them along with your other teeth by practicing good oral hygiene.

Where to Get Dental Implants in Charlotte

All-in-all, dental implants are indeed the better choice for tooth replacement because they are permanent, they look natural and can last a lifetime.

Your best choice for getting a dental implant in Charlotte is from Modern Family Dental Care. We use high-quality materials for your dental implants and our dental implant procedure is reliable, safe and innovative.

So if you’re planning to get a dental implant for a missing tooth or a replacement for your dental bridge or dentures, contact Modern Family Dental Care or schedule your appointment today.

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