History of Concord, NC

Beyond the sprawling mall and race tracks, how well do you know Concord?

Do you know the origin of the city?

How did it get its name?

The best places to eat barbecue or hang out with friends?

If you answered “No” to any of those questions, you should read this post. 

In this article, we review the history of Concord, the present-day city, and the best things to do here. 

Early History of Concord

Origin, Naming & Evolution of Concord 

Concord was first settled by German and Scots-Irish immigrants. The city’s name emerged after the dispute between German Lutherans and Scotch-Irish Presbyterians over the county seat’s location for the newly formed Cabarrus county. 

The parties agreed that Concord was the best site and founded the town in 1796. About a decade later, in 1806, Concord city was incorporated, and it has been a county seat to date.

As the county seat, Concord hosted the law courts and became a central trading zone. In the mid-nineteenth-century (1850), cotton farming was the main economic driver. Several cotton mills were established in the area to process and export cotton to other states and nations. But as the century turned, industrialization brought more economic opportunities and cotton became a secondary economic driver. 

Today, Concord ranks as the second-largest city in the Charlotte Metropolitan area. It is also the tenth most populous city in North Carolina. There are several public facilities, entertainment centers, hospitals, and dental practices in Concord. However, the city is most famous for Concord Mills, the largest shopping destination in North Carolina and NASCAR racing center. 

Things to do in Concord

Concord is never low on fun places to visit or things to do. A simple Google search will reveal a slew of fun spots to visit. However, if you want to keep your list of things to do brief, start with these recommendations.

Explore the Concord Museum

The Concord museum preserves the storied history of Cabarrus county. You will find cultural and social artifacts such as war memorabilia in the museum halls. Also, the museum has a genealogical and historical research library. 

Due to the COVID, the management of the museum closed the facility on 14 January. The reopening date would be published as soon as the pandemic is under control and preventive measures have been put in place. 

Hendrick Motorsports Museum and Team Shop

Visit Hendrick Motorsports Museum and Team Shop

Concord is the home of racing, and the Hendrick Motorsports Museum and Team shop is one of several centers dedicated to car racing. The shop showcases exhibits that explain the history of Hendrick Motorsports. It also houses iconic cars like the Chevy Lumina used to film the movie “Days of Thunder.” 

Dine at The Smoke Pit

If you love grilled meat, don’t miss The Smoke Pit for anything. The Smoke Pit is an award-winning restaurant that serves heavenly barbecue, including ribs, brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, and other meaty delights off the grill. 

This country-style eatery offers a traditional barbecue menu. You can order a take out or eat at the restaurant. The Smoke Pit opens during lunch and dinner hours from Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sunday. 

Due to the pandemic, visitors have to wear a mask and maintain social distance within the restaurant. Following these rules will help reduce the risk of transmission. 

Dentist note: While observing COVID rules, don’t forget to floss after eating your barbecue. At Modern Dental Family Care, we recommend a holistic approach to dental care, including regular cleaning and check-up.

Concord Mills, Concord, NC

Play and shop at Concord Mills

Concord Mills is Concord’s main attraction with over 15 million visitors yearly. The mall houses over 200 stores, including Coach, Bass Pro Shops, Michael Kors, Nike Factory Outlet, and more. 

If you’re visiting the mall to explore the grounds, wear comfortable clothes and footwear. The mall is huge, so you need to be fit and comfortable to move around the entire facility on foot. 

After shopping and seeing the sights, you can relax at the food court or visit other attractions on the property – Oceanarium and AMC theatre.

For a detailed report on things to do in Concord Mills, read this post.

COVID notice: The mall management installed automatic hand sanitizer stations and implemented strict employee health protocols to reduce COVID risk. Also, visitors are required to wear a face mask and maintain social distance within the mall.

NASCAR Racing Experience, Concord, NC.

Book a NASCAR Racing Experience

Your experience of Concord is incomplete if you don’t visit the NASCAR Racing Experience. Located at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the NASCAR racing experience offers a range of driving packages for various drivers – starting from practice packages to rookie and Ride Along, to more advanced options such as Victory Lap, King’s Experience, Checkered Flag, and World Champion packages.

COVID notice: For your safety, kindly wear a mask and maintain social distance when visiting the NASCAR racing experience center.


Concord has an interesting and rich history. You can find most of the information about the county center at the Concord Museum. When you’re done exploring the city’s history, feel free to visit the mall, the race tracks, and auto museums in the area. 

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