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Going Strong Amidst COVID-19

Modern Family Dental Care going strong amidst covid-19

Much like anywhere in the world, a dental practice is no exception from the ill effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, it has greatly disrupted the operations of dental teams all around the USA. We were urged by the American Dental Association (ADA) and their respective state dental associations to close our offices and treat only emergencies.

With this temporary closure, dental practices were gravely affected as they rely heavily on the income coming from the services they provide. On the other side, patients are still worried about their dental health and if a dental practice is available to treat them if the need arises. These are just some of the uncertainties haunting the dental practices and their patients.

Stepping-Up Amidst the COVID-19 Effects

This is not the time to let loose and be defeated. It’s actually an opportune time for dental practices to raise their game and think of ways to improve their practice and services. It’s probably a step back to rethink and realize their mission in their communities and a step forward to get stronger once the situation goes back to normal.

This is the mantra of Modern Family Dental Care, to continue building our practice amidst the crisis. We only want the best in our practice and to serve patients and the Charlotte and Concord communities with the dental care they deserve. We want to share with you our perspective and the direction we are taking moving forward. 

Here are 9 updates you should know about MFDC:

1. We Are Optimistic

While negativity looms around, we at MFDC stay positive. We don’t want the situation to overcome us, instead, we embrace the uncertainty. It’s only by accepting the crisis we’re in that we can take action and move forward.

One way we stay optimistic is to keep away from negative thoughts. As for me, I don’t watch the news at all, I feel that it brings so much fear and worry. I just stay tuned for updates from the State of North Carolina, the CDC and the state board and make sure I’m adhering to their directives.

A healthy daily routine also keeps me optimistic. I wake up early in the morning and start my day with a 15-minute meditation, followed by a breathing exercise. I hop on my Pendleton bike to sweat out for half an hour then cool down. I take a warm bath, go to work, come back home and spend the rest of the day with my family. That’s typically how I spend my day and it keeps me positive most of the time.

Keep yourself motivated. Don’t stop and thread forward, even at a slow pace. Believe that things will work for the better and one day we’ll overcome this adversity.

2. Being a Leader in My Dental Practice

Leadership is crucial in times like these. That’s who I am on our team. I’m not just the owner or the head dentist, I’m the leader that my team can rely on. I make sure that the company stays viable for the long-term, not only for me but also for my employees and patients.

As a leader, one should be able to make tough decisions. The immediacy of the situation calls for being decisive and certain. It’s not the time to procrastinate and wait for things to happen. You make things happen to your advantage. You’re called to stay calm and steady. Be the rock that people can depend on. Lastly, as a leader, you should see beyond what is happening now. Don’t stay in the moment but be able to visualize the future. It’s only then that you can create concrete plans for yourself and for the people who follow you.

3. Staying Excited About Serving Others After the Virus

Know that in time this situation will be over, and that’s something to be excited about. Sooner, the cure will be discovered and this pandemic will remain only in history.

I look at COVID-19 as a wake-up call for people to realize the importance of health. Now they are more aware of washing their hands. They are more conscious about cleaning and sanitizing themselves and their surroundings. I see this situation as a breakthrough for humanity.

On my end, this is an opportunity to improve my practice more than ever. This is an opportune time to tell people that dental health is key to better overall health. For people to be mindful about oral hygiene and to visit their dentist regularly to care for their teeth. These are the things that make me excited and look forward to once everything returns to normal.

4. Keeping My Practice Safe Against COVID-19

There are safety protocols and procedures that the ADA and the state board have instituted in light of COVID-19. The safety of the dental team, patients and the people visiting our office is our priority.

We sanitize our hands before, during and after procedures. We provide patients with mouth cleansing rinse. We make sure that the treatment room is clean and sanitized, along with the common areas like our lobby and bathroom. In our office, we observe physical distancing.

I keep my team updated about the latest with the coronavirus and the practice. I also inform patients of things they should do to care for themselves. I remind everyone to strengthen their immune system to fight off the virus. The health of the team and the patients is our utmost priority.

5. More Efficient Dental Practice

Office closure doesn’t deter us from reaching out to our patients and our community. It only allowed us to be more intentional with our patients. We check on how they are doing and if anything is bothering them concerning their dental health. When we do open, we maximize our time at the office and perform emergency treatments.

Recently, we do a lot more of the digital stuff. We use it to engage our patients and other people with information and content that can help them at these times.

6. Staying Engaged with Patients

Our office is the only thing closed, but our operations continue. With that, I mean that we stay connected with our patients by checking on them regularly through calls, email and by sending them newsletters. 

We let them know that we care for them and that we are available to treat them for an emergency. We tell them that we’re excited to welcome them into our office once the lockdown is lifted.

7. Staying Engaged with Our Dental Team

While we are away and are not meeting physically, we make sure that we are updated about each other and the things that we do. I record videos and send them emails every week about staffing and procedural concerns, updates about the virus and safety operating protocols from the authorities. I make sure that they still see me and remember my face (just kidding) through recorded videos or online calls.

Currently, we scale back our three offices into one, doing half-day work and taking care of patients on an emergency basis only.

8. Our Marketing Game Plan

There’s no stopping at this time. As I’ve said it’s an opportune time for our dental practice to grow. We’ll keep doing the things that are working and take out those that aren’t.

We are scaling-up our digital media, especially on beefing up our SEO and PPC strategies. This is the time where people are in their homes, browsing the internet and we should take advantage of that. Our focus right now is doing ads about emergency treatment since it’s the only service we are allowed to provide.

We need to stay relevant so we are maximizing our social media and continuing our Instagram and Facebook posts. We also strengthen our email marketing and send out newsletters regularly to our email list.

9. Thinking Differently About the Future

The times call for us to think and act differently. We acknowledge that there can be ‘a new normal’ after this pandemic, so we need to keep attuned.

We’re going to be a lot more engaged with our patients and our community. We’ll be more intentional and personal with our approach. We’ll serve our patients like no other and make sure that they’ll have a good time with us. We’ll do things with a purpose and that is to give “Healthy Smiles for Everyone”. That’s our commitment this day and beyond.

We’re Still Open

Following the directives from ADA and the state board, Modern Family Dental Care in Charlotte will accept patients on an emergency basis. Call us immediately at (888) 716-3184.

For questions and inquiries, contact us today.

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