The Cure for the Pandemic is Not a Vaccine

The cure for COVID-19 is not a vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived like a thief in the night, stealing our freedom and the life that we enjoy. We were caught off guard, unprepared, not knowing what to do. We were stripped of our humanity and the only thing that remained intact are our values. That’s what I hope. . .

While the biggest companies and most powerful of nations outdo each other to search for the vaccine, we are left trying to figure out how we can adapt to the new normal. But I hope no one misses the real cure to end this pandemic. It’s within us already.

The cure for COVID-19 is not a vaccine! It’s you, it’s us!

The Real Cure to COVID-19

The coronavirus can indeed make us sick and for some has caused their lives. But know that the pain it has brought goes beyond the physical. It has affected every part of our lives–financially, emotionally, socially and spiritually. So looking for the cure in a vaccine would not solve it all. 

Therefore, what is the real cure for the sufferings we’re going through? It lies within the core of human existence–kindness, love and understanding.

Warmth Towards People

This pandemic has made the world cold. Why? Because we were told to be physically distant to not spread the virus. We are afraid to hug, kiss or even do just a simple tap on the back. We aren’t able to see our closest friends and for some, their families. This virus separated us from our usual loving and caring selves.

We should bring the warmth back. It doesn’t mean that when we can’t touch each other, we can’t show our feelings anymore. In fact, the intensity should be greater. The feeling of longing should be stronger. Compassion is much needed.

By warmth, it means to be kind to other people and to show affection. By just a simple greeting or an act of kindness, we can bring the warmth back. And who said that we can’t touch each other? Well, probably we can do it more cautiously.

Show Love

This is the best time to show our love not only to people who are close to us but also to our neighbors or even people who we barely know. Everyone needs all the love they can get at these most trying times. 

We are lucky to have our families with us during the pandemic, some aren’t with theirs. We still have some luxuries or at least the basic necessities that we need, some don’t. See this as an opportunity to extend our love beyond our homes.

Check on your neighbors and see how they are doing. If they are lacking the things that you have, share. It doesn’t have to be expensive or material things. Just a simple “Hi! How are you doing?” can do a lot to uplift their spirit. 

You can look for ways to be of help to those in need. You can participate in relief drives by sending donations. You can send greeting cards to front liners and tell them they are appreciated. In many ways, you can show love. Even the smallest act of kindness matters. So show your love!

Human Touch

This can be a subject of debate for some. How can you actually touch somebody else when you are told to avoid that. Again, who says you can’t? You can! You can have some precautions doing it but still, you can.

Also, remember, a healthy person can’t get another person sick. Where in the world does a healthy person spread sickness? Only those who are sick can make another person ill, right? So if you know that you’re healthy, go ahead and send love! Hug your loved ones, kiss your spouse, shake hands with a friend. You won’t get sick either, because your immune system is strong.

To wear a mask or not

This is a personal issue for me. I prefer not to wear a face mask, even when I go out. Only because I know that I’m healthy. But don’t get me wrong, I respect you wearing a mask or the government for that matter for imposing the use of a face mask or any PPE.

I say? Build confidence in your health. Make yourself healthy. And if you do that, there’s nothing to worry about getting someone else sick. Plus, know that human touch is more powerful than any sickness. It’s actually healing.

Again, caution. . . Make yourself healthy!

My Role as a Dentist

In a crisis like this, I know my role as a dentist is crucial. It goes beyond just relieving my patient’s physical pain but also to show them that I care. I’m aware that this pandemic has caused different kinds of pain, mentally and emotionally, and that’s where I also want to be a part of someone’s healing.

I want their visit to my office to be something that would uplift them. Provide them the best dental treatment and compassionate service at the same time.

I, together with my Modern Family Dental Care family want to provide the Charlotte community and nearby areas the cure for this pandemic. Trust your dental health to us. We’ll do our part to ensure you’re healthy so that you don’t get sick or make someone else sick. 

But more importantly, MFDC wants to give you the warmth, love and personal touch that you need during these trying times. Together, we’ll find the real cure for this pandemic. It’s not a vaccine. It’s us!

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