5 Benefits Of Catching Tooth Decay Early

5 Benefits Of Catching Tooth Decay Early

Did you know that you can stop tooth decay in its earliest stage?

Tooth decay or dental caries can start in the sneakiest way possible, but it can be reversible if you catch it in its earliest stage. However, most patients only see the dentist when they have already started feeling signs of pain and infection, which can be too late for the tooth to be saved.

In this post, we will share the perks of being proactive in preventing tooth decay. As a trusted dentist in Charlotte and Concord Mills, Modern Family Dental Care aims to impart the value of the time in preserving the natural teeth of patients and more savings on dental costs. 

What are the early signs of tooth decay?

Tooth decay happens when the disease-causing bacteria in dental plaque produce acids that break down the tooth enamel or the outer layer of the tooth. It has five stages divided into three categories which help dentists identify which procedure will be the ideal solution. These include:

  • Mild or early-stage tooth decay: Unknown to many patients, tooth decay begins with the white spots on the surface of the natural tooth which indicates demineralization.

    When the acids from plaque have successfully weakened the tooth, you will start to see enamel decay or the small black spots on your tooth. At this stage, there are no symptoms like pain and tooth sensitivity. 
Enamel decay
  • Moderate tooth decay: When the tooth decay gets through the tooth enamel, the next stage will be dentin decay. During this stage, you will start to feel tooth sensitivity, and the damage in your tooth gets closer to the tooth pulp. It can be easily fixed with tooth fillings
Dentin decay
  • Severe tooth decay:  You’ll know when tooth decay is at its severe stage when it has progressed to the tooth pulp where nerves and blood vessels are located. Since the tooth pulp has been compromised, the only option is either a root canal or tooth extraction.

Benefits of catching tooth decay early

If you failed to prevent cavities, the next best thing that you can do is to fix them as soon as possible. Doing so can help you reap the following benefits:

#1 Potential injection-free dentistry

If you fear needles and injections, your chance of avoiding them is high when you treat enamel decay early. Since there is less pain and sensitivity when working on the tooth enamel, there’s less chance for you to need a local anesthetic for treatments like fillings.  

#2 Save more of your natural tooth

Early detection and treatment of cavities help keep the structure of the affected tooth intact. It is still sturdy enough to absorb pressure from your biting force. Your smile also remains unaffected by the minor treatments on the tooth.

#3 Prevents toothache and tooth sensitivity

We all know that toothache from cavities hits differently. If you prevent enamel decay from turning into dentin decay, you are saving yourself from painful and stinky symptoms like:

#4 Less need for major dental work

One of the common issues why most patients shy away from the dentist is the fear of having invasive dental work. The beauty of being proactive about your oral health is it prevents any major restorations by patching up the small problems before they blow up into a full-blown infection. 

#5 Savings on dental cost

It’s not uncommon that dental treatments can be expensive, especially when it comes to invasive dental treatments. It is also why Dr. Taj and other dentists are keen on reminding patients to visit them regularly to prevent turning a simple fluoride treatment into a root canal therapy

Be one step ahead of tooth decay with Modern Family Dental Care

Investing your time, effort, and resources to maintain your oral health is something that will keep you out of pain and financial stress in the future. Also, always remember to stick to the basics of dental hygiene by brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and avoid eating or drinking sugary foods and drinks.

Catch the sneaky bacteria that try to infiltrate your natural teeth by treating early signs of cavities with Dr. Taj. Check out how he discusses mild cavities and the importance of early prevention:

Schedule an appointment today and deal with your early tooth decay so your future self will thank you later. 

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