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Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Dentures

The debate over dentures vs. implants has been going on for a long time. Dentures have always seemed the more cost-effective way to go, but now the advantages of dental implants are exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Implants are, basically, just like having real teeth. They do not have to be replaced after a few years like dentures do, and are a permanent fix. They are imbedded into the jawbone and gums, and are treated exactly as you would treat your own teeth.

When teeth are extracted the jaw bone ceases to be stimulated and naturally breaks down. This process occurs with dentures, but not with dental implants. Implants are just like a regular tooth root, so there is no breakdown of the jaw bone.

Dentures have to be affixed in the mouth with gels and pastes and can slip and slide while eating or even talking. As a result, many people who wear dentures, have to be careful what they eat and can be missing out on some of their favorite foods. There are no such problems with implants. They do not move around in your mouth and you can eat anything you want to eat.

With dentures, especially partial dentures, often the natural teeth surrounding them can wear out and become damaged. This cannot occur with dental implants. For all intents and purposes, implants are just like natural teeth, and the surrounding teeth, as well as the jaw bone are protected.

Implants act and feel like your own teeth and there is hardly any adjustment period with them. Dentures require some time to get used to, and often your natural way of speaking will have to be adapted to the new teeth. And implants are cleaned and maintained just as your own teeth are. Dentures must be removed for cleaning every day.

The bottom line is that dentures are messy, unreliable, and need to be replaced every 5 years. Implants are like natural teeth. They are permanent; remain in place when you speak and eat, and look and feel more natural. So in the end, implants are really more cost-effective than dentures which are temporary. If you have to make this choice, do your research and consider all your options. Speak with your dentist and allow them to advise you.

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