Ways to Live a Healthy and Better Life

Live a healthier and better life amidst a crisis.

The most recent pandemic COVID-19 has everyone in the world on their toes, anxious about the uncertainties ahead. Many are scared that they might catch the deadly virus, so their only weapon to date is to stay indoors and follow hand hygiene and physical distancing measures. While the experts are trying to find the cure, it is best to stay healthy during this crisis.

So, while you’re at home with your family, make it your goal to be healthy. It’s one way you can survive the coronavirus or any other illnesses at bay. Aim to improve your health daily. Start with a healthy mindset and everything else will follow.

3 Steps to Improve Your Health and Life

Today, let’s begin our journey towards an improved health and a better life. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow.

Step 1: Accept the Reality

Don’t feel stuck in the situation you’re in today. It’s not a dead-end and you can certainly do something about it. But first, you need to accept the reality that things happen. As they say, “shit happens” and there’s a reason behind it.

You may not be feeling well at this time. You wake up a little unwell with a cold and worried that it could be the feared virus or you’re very anxious and sad with all the negative news. Yes, you’re in a state that you’re not healthy, may it be physically, mentally or emotionally. Accept that fact. That’s your reality.

No matter how mild or severe your health issues are, accept that reality. You know what you have and the condition you’re suffering from. You might have medications to alleviate your sickness or pain. 

The key here is to not deny the fact that you have health issues and take responsibility for it. The same thing with your whole life, you have to accept that you have issues to deal with and that you must do something about it. Accepting your reality is the only way you can surpass your health or your life’s issues.

Step 2: Decide that you want to overcome your current situation

It’s not an easy feat to accept your reality, but it’s the only way you can move past it. Once you have accepted the situation you’re in, it’s a trigger for you to decide to do something about it. May it be to improve your health, change your perspective or change your life in general. You have to decide.

Stop thinking and start moving. Stop saying that you’ll hit the gym soon, that you won’t eat fast food again, that you need to eat more vegetables, that you’llI do biking or cycling or cut back on that soda. You have to get them out of your head and decide to do them. You know that you need to stop your unhealthy ways and get fit again.

The very reason you can’t do them is because you’re stuck in your thinking. Get out of that mindset trap and move. You know you have to do it, so take action. Decide!

Step 3: Take action

The most crucial step is to take action. This is where many fail because this part needs commitment. It’s not something you do today and don’t do the next day. Taking action needs consistency and discipline.

You should be ready in every aspect to move and get out of the situation you’re in. Get that bike and try a 500-meter lap, cook your meals instead of buying fast food, drink fresh fruit juices instead of that soda, pay for a gym membership so you get committed. Continue doing what you have started and do it regularly until it becomes your discipline.

When you face difficulty while doing them, think again why you started. Keep yourself motivated. Hardship will come once you made that decision to act but learn to endure them and stay on track.

Now, let’s put this action into more applicable terms in improving your health. Here are 5 ways you can be healthier.

5 Tips to Improve Health

1. Exercise and Meditate

Stress affects your health and well-being Eliminate it! Stop worrying and being anxious about things you can’t control, instead, get that body and mind in motion. Exercising and meditating can help you get rid of stress and fill your mind with positivity.

Not only can exercise burn those extra calories but it can also improve your lung function. Moreso, exercise can reduce the body’s stress hormone that’s making you sick and down because it stimulates the production of endorphins.

Exercise 2 to 3 times a week and try to do more as your strength and endurance improves. 

Dr. Taj Haynes invested in a Peloton bike to start his physical activity. His goal was to ride it 2 to 3 days a week for 30 minutes but it grew to 6 days a week because he fell in love with it. “I feel so good! I’m addicted, I’m calm, I’m burning calories. I feel physically fit and my lungs feel so light,” he said.

You can follow-up exercise with meditation. Commune with nature and relax. Do the proper breathing and exhale to reduce your stress and fears.

Step 2: Improve Your Diet

The saying “You are what you eat” is very true about achieving a healthy body. What you put in your body is what you become. You become fat because of excessive eating. You become sickly because you aren’t eating healthy.

Getting fit has a lot more to do with your diet than exercise. So, leave out all the processed and fast food and start preparing your meals. Lean more to a veggie-based diet. Get-away from the dairies because they are the cause of a lot of inflammation in the body. Opt for plant-based dairies if you need a good source of protein, such as those made from coconut and almonds.

Step 3: Take Vitamin Supplements

We’re supposed to get our nutrition from the food that we eat but sometimes it isn’t sufficient. That’s why taking supplements is a must to be sure we’re getting the right nourishment for our bodies.

Dr. Haynes recommends taking Vitamins C, D and B12, along with a multivitamin. Vitamin C is excellent to fight viral and bacterial infections. A high-dose could help prevent flu, cold and even the coronavirus. Vitamin D is good for the bones as it regulates calcium in the body. We can get Vitamin D in the morning sun but it isn’t always available, so a D-supplement is recommended. Lastly is Vitamin B12 that keeps our nerve and blood cells healthy.

Step 4: Get Adequate Sleep

Our body repairs and restores itself while we sleep. So, it is advisable to get adequate sleep of 6 to 8 hours a day. You can observe that with enough sleep, you’re more equipped to face the day and do all your tasks.

So, stop those mindless activities that keep you up late at night. Make sure you’re getting enough rest so your body can be at its optimal condition day in and day out.

Step 5: Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Your dentist can help you with your health goals by just visiting them. They can help you maintain good oral health, which is known to improve your overall health and well-being. 

Some diseases also start in the mouth as 500 to 700 types of bacteria, virus and fungus live inside it. These organisms can cause inflammation in the gums that without proper care and treatment by your dentist, can cause many other illnesses. 

Visiting your dentist every 6 months or more frequently can help you attain better health.

MFDC Can Be Your Partner for a Healthier and Better Life

Modern Family Dental Care in Charlotte can help you achieve a healthier life by giving you the best dental care. Your oral health is our top priority because we know that it can influence your overall health. By giving you a healthy smile, we know you can function optimally and with confidence.

Dr. Haynes and the MFDC team are here to provide you with quality and affordable dental care services. Contact us today and let’s plan together how we can realize your health goals.

Modern Family Dental Care is your partner in living a healthier, better life!

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