Types of Dentures: What is Right for You?

Many people are in need of dentures and, contrary to many people’s opinions, dentures are for people of all ages. Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. They give people the ability to eat, speak, and swallow that they otherwise may not have. Furthermore, dentures have a significant aesthetic benefit because, not only do they give people a full smile, but they also help people regain some of the lost architecture of their face. Like many other dental treatments, there are many different types of dentures that people can choose from. Below, we explore different types of dentures to help you decide what is best for you.

Types of Dentures: The Traditional

The first type of dentures many people are familiar with are traditional dentures. This type of denture sits on top of the gums, making them different from the dental bridges that require existing teeth to be anchored. People who require complete dentures typically have them made a couple of months after all of the teeth have been removed. This gives any swelling in the mouth time to resolve, allowing the dentures to be made more accurately.

People can also elect to have custom dentures made. These are significantly more expensive than traditional dentures; however, they do give people a more natural looking smile. Furthermore, because it is custom made, people generally report a better functional outcome when it comes to eating and speaking. The custom fit means custom dentures stay in place better than other types of dentures.

Partial Dentures

Many people view partial dentures as being in between an implant and full dentures. These are used when a patient is missing some of their teeth but not all of them. Partial dentures consist of a pink, colored base that is joined to a metal piece. Together, these pieces hold the partial dentures in the mouth. Partial dentures are removable, which is a key benefit, and helps to hold the remaining natural teeth in place, preventing them from moving.


An overdenture is just that – dentures that sit on top of the gums and cover any existing teeth. Some people require overdentures for just the upper or lower jaw while some people have them made for both jaws. An overdenture is also removable, like the other options, but is more secure. Two sub-types of overdentures are implant-supported dentures and snap-in dentures.

Implant-supported dentures are a unique option. These dentures are held in place with implants, keeping them secure. In addition to staying in place, these implants have fantastic longevity. The durability, combined with the natural smile of secured dentures, have made implant-supported dentures a popular option.

For those who have had trouble with dentures in the past, snap-in dentures could be the answer. These dentures literally “snap-in” to place using anchors or implants. The snaps keep the dentures from falling out, and are typically placed on existing teeth. Within the dentures themselves are locator attachments. These dentures are convenient, removable, and durable, similar to traditional dentures. Snap-in dentures are typically used when a patient has no teeth remaining, yet still has enough bone to anchor implants for these dentures.

Care of Dentures

Once people have had dentures made, it is important to take care of them. Some important care tips include:

Clean the Dentures: Dentures are replacements for regular teeth and need to be cared for in the same way. Make sure to brush dentures like any other tooth, because there could be retained food particles or bacteria that could be transmitted to the rest of the mouth when the dentures are put back in.

Keep the Dentures Moist: Make sure to place the dentures in a warm cleaning solution when not in use. Furthermore, make sure to use warm, not hot, water. Hot water can cause dentures to warp.

Take Care of the Mouth: Just because there are dentures in place doesn’t mean people can skip cleaning their mouth. Any bacteria or plaque left over can easily be transmitted to dentures, causing problems.

There are many different options for those who are exploring denture options. Because of this, it is always prudent to sit down and meet with an experienced, caring, oral health professional. At Modern Family Dental, we take great pride in helping patients with a wide variety of dental needs. Our caring team would be happy to sit down and speak with you or your family about dentures, implants, or any other dental services you might have. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to serve you.