Take a Look at these 21st Century Toothbrushes

Take a Look at these 21st Century ToothbrushesThe Oral-B in your medicine cabinet might look pretty similar to every other toothbrush you’ve owned over the course of your lifetime, but that doesn’t mean engineers from all over the world aren’t still trying to improve on the tried and true design. Guided by the basic human inclination to want to build a better mousetrap, so to speak, these folks spend years trying to develop more effective, more ergonomic and more environmentally friendly toothbrushes. Today, we’ll take a look at a few Modern Family Dental Care‘s favorite recent developments in toothbrush design.

Rinser Toothbrush

As its name implies, the Rinser Toothbrush was designed to combine the actions of brushing and rinsing into one simple implement. The Rinser Toothbrush looks similar to conventional toothbrushes, except that it has a reservoir and channel in the handle designed to collect water from your sink and then shoot it back up in a controlled spout towards your mouth. The Rinser is a great way to save on Dixie cups and streamline your daily tooth brushing sessions. It also features a button that allows you to control the flow of the spout and a removable head that can be replaced without having to buy a new toothbrush.

Binchotan Toothbrush from Morihata

Binchotan is a kind of charcoal made in the Kishu region of Japan that is created by “burning oak branches at extremely high temperatures for several days and then rapidly cooling them.” Binchotan is known for its ability to absorb chemicals in water and nullify offensive odors. With these unique properties in mind, the Japanese company Morihata went to work to create a toothbrush that integrated binchotan into the design. Each of the bristles in this toothbrush is blended with binchotan, allowing it to disinfect your mouth and keep bad breath at bay.

The Open Source Toothbrush

Here we have a toothbrush designed in a truly 21st century fashion by Goodwell & Company. The designers at Goodwell sought to create a toothbrush that would help people brush better, and effectively eliminate the waste associated with disposable brushes. The handle consists of a hollow tube of medical grade aluminum, and the head is a biodegradable bamboo attachment that can be safely and easily disposed of. You could even use it as compost for your garden!

The toothbrush can also be outfitted with a Hacker/Tracker kit that fits into the hollow handle. This toothbrush peripheral has a 3-axis motion tracker that allows you to monitor your brushing habits with a mobile app or website. Because the software and hardware are both open source, any interested parties can develop future apps to use the technology to its fullest. In addition to the Hacker/Tracker kit, the Open Source Toothbrush can also be modified with a number of swappable head options including a flossing head and binchotan bristle head.

The SmartSeries Toothbrush

SmartSeries ToothbrushFinally we have a contender from a veteran of the oral hygiene market: Oral-B. Their bread and butter might still lie in their familiar disposable options, but they’re not about to be outdone by a couple of no-name industry newcomers. The SmartSeries toothbrush has Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to be linked with Android and iOS devices. Like the Open Source Toothbrush, the SmartSeries can continually gather information about your brushing habits and then give you feedback on how to improve them. It also allows you or your dentist to program the brush with a number of different brushing modes.

With high tech toothbrushes like these, your daily dental hygiene routine might not feel like such a chore anymore!

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