Say “Yes!” to Platelet Rich Plasma

platelet rich plasma dental treatment charlotte

If I told you that there was an amazing new technology that would help you heal quickly and shorten your healing; and if I asked you if you wanted to use it, you’d probably say “YES!”

Well, this new technology isn’t something from the latest sci-fi movie – it actually exists. It’s called Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment, and I’m currently offering it at my dental offices.

Platelet Rich Plasma is a fantastic medical technology that aids the generation and healing of bone and soft tissue. Platelets are the cells that help heal a wound. They are already in your blood and are completely natural.

So, when I’m getting ready to perform oral surgery, first I take some blood from the patient. Then I put it into a centrifuge, where the platelets get separated from the rest of the cells.

This concentrates the platelets into a very potent, but completely safe, dose. This Platelet Rich Plasma can then be placed in the treated area to help lessen recovery time, and improve the patient’s comfort and prognosis.

And since the platelets actually come from the patient, there is zero chance of rejection or the patient receiving a disease from blood transfusion.

I use it on my patients when there’s been a tooth extraction, when I’ve performed a sinus lift, placed a dental implant, or done any type of oral surgery. And you should use Platelet Rich Plasma whenever there’s significant tissue damage or want to reduce pain and healing time, while improving the prognosis.

So, if your dentist asks if you want to use platelet rich plasma during your oral surgery. The answer you should give is a resounding “YES!” And enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

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-Dr. Taj

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