Oh, No! A Cavity?! Does That Mean I Have to Give Up Candy?

CandyYou may not have realized it, but June is National Candy Month. Now, coming from a dentist, that might seem like a strange reminder – especially since we’ve all heard someone say to us “that candy will rot your teeth out!”

So, does candy cause cavitites?

Well, yes… and no.

The bacteria living in our mouths like to feast on the sugars and starches found in candy, of course, but also they are also found in many other foods like bread, potato chips, crackers, peanut butter, pasta and beverages like milk, juice, and soda. Every time we eat or drink items with sugar and starch, the bacteria turns those items into acid and forms plaque – a sticky film that coats our teeth. If not washed away, the acid in plaque begins to attack the minerals in the enamel, or outer layer of our teeth, White Spotscausing tooth decay. Early signs of tooth decay can appear as white spots on your teeth.

At this point, tooth decay can be stopped or reversed. Enamel repairs itself by using minerals in our saliva, fluoride in our toothpaste and other sources. But, if the plaque is allowed to remain on our teeth, the decaying process continues, weakening and destroying the enamel, and a cavity or hole in the tooth can form. A cavity is permanent damage to a tooth and requires a dentist to repair the tooth with a filling.

It’s ok to enjoy some candy, in moderation, of course! But be sure to brush your teeth and floss after you eat or drink any sugary or starchy items. Also, schedule regular teeth cleanings and exams at Modern Family Dental Care so we can help keep the plaque that causes tooth decay from building up on your teeth.

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