We Do Not Give Dental Cleanings

Did you know that you can receive 1 of 8 different type of dental cleanings?  The term “teeth cleaning” is not what we actually do at a dental office.  Unfortunately, this phrase diminishes the medical reason why we provided the therapy that is needed.

We actually provide gum therapy to manage the amount of inflammation that the patient may have.  A patient that has not been to the dentist in 5 years more often than not has more gum inflammation that a person that was at the dentist just 6 months ago.  Therefore, the type of “teeth cleaning” we give each patient is different.

If you have mild gum inflammation typically a “healthy mouth” cleaning is given.  This is what most people expect from the dental office.  However, if you have moderate or severe inflammation, you will receive a different type of dental cleaning.  These cleanings do cost more money and take more time.  But, we have to properly manage the amount of gum inflammation that we see with the proper therapy.  Now you know why you do not get a “tooth cleaning” on your hygiene visit.  In the future, be sure to ask your doctor and hygienists how much gum inflammation you have and tips to manage it at home.