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Modern Family Dental Care Helps Combat Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common and serious sleep disorder where there is an intermittent stop and start in your breathing pattern. This chronic sleep deprivation can take a serious toll on your physical and emotional health.

According to statistics, approximately 1 in every 15 Americans, or 6.62% of the total American population have a case of sleep apnea. However, with the right help and our sleep wellness program in Charlotte and Concord, you may control your snoring and get your sleep back on track.

When you wake up feeling tired even after getting a full night’s sleep, you might have sleep apnea. Here are the types of sleep apnea:

  1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common type of sleep apnea. This occurs when the soft tissue at the back of your throat relaxes during sleep and causes a blockade along the airways. In most cases, your breathing stops for more than 10 seconds then it starts again. This also causes loud snoring.
  2. Central Sleep Apnea involves the central nervous system. This occurs when the brain fails to send signals to the muscles responsible for breathing. People with central sleep apnea seldom snores.
  3. Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome is also known as treatment-emergent sleep apnea. This occurs when an individual has both obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea.
Modern Family Dental Care Helps Combat Sleep Apnea

How Can Modern Family Dental Care Help Patients Suffering from Sleep Apnea

Men are more likely to develop sleep apnea compared to women. If you are suffering from these symptoms, you might have sleep apnea:

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Loud snoring
  • Choking, snorting and/or gasping during sleep
  • Morning headaches
  • Awakening with a dry mouth
  • Awaking at night and feeling short of breath
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia or Hypersomnia
  • Forgetfulness and difficulty in concentrating

When these symptoms persists, Modern Family Dental Care is here to help!

Our Diagnosis 

Dr. Taj Haynes and team are proud to provide sleep apnea solutions in the Charlotte and Concord areas. We offer affordable sleep testing that can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Here is the process for our sleep apnea diagnosis:

  1. Make an appointment at one of our three locationsDavis Lake, Northlake or Concord Mills.
  2. Discuss your sleep concerns and symptoms with one of our experienced dentists.
  3. Our team will then determine if you need to take the next step to analyzing your sleeping pattern.  
  4. If so, we can help arrange this analysis to take place in the comfort of your own home.

Our Modern Family Sleep Apnea Treatment

Modern Family Dental Care provides oral appliances to patients with sleep apnea. This device is worn during sleep to help the individual’s tongue and soft tissues not to collapse. Thus, giving enough airflow through your throat.

The use of oral appliance allows for sufficient air intake so that you can have a normal and restful night’s sleep. Sleep apnea mouth guards are recommended to patients who suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea. These mouth guards are also perfect for those who cannot tolerate the CPAP machine or those who do not want to undergo surgery.

Why Choose Us for Your Sleep Apnea Treatment

Modern Family Dental Care has years of experience that allows us to stay up-to-date on the latest and most advanced techniques in oral care. We aim to provide the best sleep wellness program to help patients sleep through the night and have an anxious-free day.

We provide optimum care for sleep apnea that is specific to your needs. Modern Family Dental Care is here to serve you better. Our offices in Concord, Northlake and Davis Lake offer complete dental services for you and your family.
Contact us to learn more about our sleep wellness program and other dental treatments. You may also book an appointment through our 24/7 online scheduling system.

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