Make Dental Care Your Family’s Affair

We all grew up with a set of habits and discipline standards for healthy living that we learned from our parents. From eating healthy to going to bed early. Most of us have regular check-ups and go to the doctor to make sure our health is optimal. 

While a lot of us were taught by our parents about good oral hygiene, some of us still were not exposed to the value of visiting a dentist regularly. For some, going to the dentist wasn’t a priority unlike going to a physician for a check-up.

One thing’s for sure, our oral health is an essential part of our holistic wellness. And our family plays a huge role in molding us to be aware of oral health.

Dental Care should be a family affair

Why is Dental Care Important for the Family?

The answer to this question lies in how we value our overall health. If we value our general well-being then dental care is of utmost importance.

Our family should be the prime mover in teaching us the importance of dental health. From daily brushing our teeth, to flossing after eating, to taking a regular trip to the dentist for a check-up should be a top priority in our family affairs.

Dental care should be a family affair. 

Here we list the top 3 things you can start doing.

Make Dental Care a Family Discipline

Setting a Good Example for Family Members

Instilling in the mind the value of oral health can be best done by setting a good example for family members to follow. Children look up to their parents and copy their actions and so a good example must be shown to them with regards to taking care of their mouth, teeth and gums.

Don’t just let your kids brush alone. If you have the opportunity, brush your teeth with them. Before bathing or going to bed, you can have family time by brushing your teeth together. Show them that you floss after eating and then let them try.

Figure out more ways that you can bond over taking care of your teeth. There may be more ways than you can think of but the bottom line is, show a good example for family members to follow. Together, take care of your family’s oral health and build memories to last a lifetime.

Making Dental Care Fun for the Family

Don’t let dental care be a nuisance or something your children will dread. Dental care can be so much fun when you do it as a family.

Fun Games

Who says teaching your kids about dental health is boring? Well, not if you’re creative. Organize games during a family snack for instance. Ask your children which food on the table is good and bad for the teeth. 

You can have a simple relay game before going to bed, the first one to finish washing their face and brushing their teeth wins. You can have a mom-daughter and a dad-son tandem.

Let your creative juices teach the kids the value of good oral hygiene and taking care of their teeth. 

Reward Your Kids

Set-up a reward system when your kids accomplish specific dental habits. Let them know it is an accomplishment for them. That way, they will thrive in doing their best. You can set-up weekly tasks for your children to accomplish and when they successfully do it, reward them.

Simple rewards are better, you don’t need grand prizes to do this game. Importantly, join in the tasks to show a good example to your children. 

Story Time

Reading your kids’ stories before bedtime can be a good way to bond and teach the importance of dental health. Make them believe in the value of the story and the lessons they can learn.

Buy storybooks or download stories from the Internet with dental health or oral hygiene theme. There’s a lot of good stories out there teaching kids about the proper care for one’s self, including taking care of their teeth. But if you run out of stories from books, you can create your own stories, fictional or not.

Visit the Dentist as a Family

Don’t let the dentist be your children’s life villain. Otherwise, they won’t look forward to visiting the dentist even when they grow up. A lot of children fear the dentist, maybe because of unfamiliarity with the person and the stories they hear from friends that it’s painful to have a tooth extraction.

Go to the dentist together as a family. Start your children young. Visit the dentist regularly to get a dental check-up. Show them that you’re comfortable with the dentist and it can be fun having your teeth checked. The more time that your child spends with their dentist, the more they will know them and get familiar with what they do.

Children will get a sense of assurance when you’re with them. If you trust the dentist, they will, too

Your Choice Family Dentist

Choosing a dentist for your family is an important decision you have to make. The right one can help you achieve good dental health. Choose a dentist that you can trust and you can be comfortable with.

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