Make a Good First Impression with Your Smile

A beautiful, healthy smile makes a good first impression.

The world is becoming more fast-paced and interconnected each day. Oftentimes, a first impression is all a person gets in this busy world. This first encounter could lead to a sincere connection that could open doors for new possibilities or it could also lead to a wrong impression about you. It all depends on how you present yourself and how other people perceive you.

According to Kara Ronin, founder of Executive Impressions, a person starts to form an impression on another person after seeing their face in the first seven seconds – some scientists even claim that a tenth of a second is all it takes. By that time, people start deciding whether or not the person is pleasing, attractive, trustworthy, or competent. 

Obviously, this isn’t enough time to tell exciting stories about yourself or explore possible common interests. So, what can you do to make a good first impression? Flash them your most beautiful smile!

What your smile says about you

A smile makes a lasting impression. According to a study conducted by Kelton Research, nearly one-third of Americans say that a smile is the first thing they notice about someone. While almost a quarter of the survey respondents claim that a person’s smile is what they remember the most after meeting them. 

Consciously or unconsciously, our perceptions about others are based on their outward appearance. That is why smiling often forms a good first impression. However, not all smiles are equal. People with straight teeth are more likely to be perceived as successful, smart, and amiable

Unfortunately, those with crooked teeth give the impression of having a sad social life and being unsuccessful. Because sometimes, these people don’t smile at all.

So, no wonder how flashing someone a smile with a good set of teeth could make people see your confidence and make them instantly feel at ease around your presence.

3 Tips in Creating that Good Impression with Your Smile

1. Hype yourself in the mirror

With smiles, confidence is key. This may seem silly, but try talking to yourself in front of the mirror. Try saying three nice things to yourself before heading out. 

You really have to say those words out loud for them to be more intentional. This will put you in a good disposition before socializing with other people, helping you put out a genuine, pleasant smile

2. Drink more water

People still tend to overlook the importance of drinking enough water. Drinking water after meals is a natural, handy, and quick hack to refresh your mouth, remove unwanted tooth stains and bacteria in your mouth. 

Hydrating is also a fool-proof remedy against bad breath. Plus, being well-hydrated will give your lips a healthy color and make them look plumper.

3. Care for your oral health

Brushing your teeth twice everyday will do a lot in maintaining your oral health. This will help remove food debris and bacteria from the food that you eat and will eliminate any nasty odor that these may cause. 

But brushing alone could only do so much. Over time, in spite of regular toothbrushing, dental plaque could still build on teeth and eventually lead to tartar. This doesn’t only appear unpleasant, but could also lead to a toothache, gum diseases, and bad breath. While tartar can’t be removed by normal brushing, a professional teeth cleaning treatment can do the job.

Other issues like a broken tooth, discolored teeth, crooked teeth, and so-forth can only leave you self-conscious and insecure. Thankfully, these could be remedied by dental treatments. Better yet, make regular appointments with a trusted dentist to maintain good oral health.

Flash your best smile, make the best impression

One of the best personal investments you will make is to improve your smile. You won’t regret it for you will benefit from it every single day, 24/7! To create that good first impression, you really need to take care of your oral health. Remember, a beautiful smile comes from a healthy mouth.

Modern Family Dental Care in Charlotte is here to take care of your oral health and give you the most confidence with a healthy smile. Dr. Taj Haynes and the MFDC team are committed to providing quality dental services to achieve your oral health goals. 

When meeting new people, those first few seconds are crucial. The best and easiest way to charm them is by flashing a good and healthy smile.

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