How your food and exercise choices influence your dental health

Being an adult means making decisions about the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the physical activities you do. 

On the surface, these tasks may seem straightforward and easy to do. 

When you want to eat fries, you order or make it. 

If you crave a burger or Asian cuisine, you visit a restaurant and eat it. 

As simple as these actions seem, they have physical and mental health implications, which translates to job performance, strength, and appearance. 

So it is vital to eat with the intention for the outcome you want (Eat to Live). 

Similarly, you should work out with a goal in mind (Workout to Live). 

Your micro (daily) and macro (long-term) eating/physical activity habits determine how you look, feel, and think.

If you want to feel great, think quickly, and maintain healthy teeth, you must be conscious of what you eat and the physical activities you do. This is the reasoning behind the philosophy of “Eating to Live and Working out to Live.”  

You have to do these activities with purpose; otherwise, you will abuse them and put your health at risk.

Diet and nutrition affects dental health

Effect of diet on dental health

Interestingly, diet and oral health have a bi-directional relationship. That means your diet and nutrition affect your oral health, the tissues in the mouth. And your oral health affects the nutrients eaten.

For example, continuous consumption of acidic, sugary, and colored foods without proper dental care will lead to dental caries and other dental diseases. When that happens, the patient will struggle to eat food, leading to nutrient deficiency in the body.

Without proper dental care, the cycle will continue.

So it is crucial that you eat foods that are good for your teeth. Proper diet and nutrition combined with regular oral care will reduce the risk of developing dental diseases.

brushing is a good way to care for the teeth

The best foods for healthy teeth and gum

To maintain and strengthen your oral health, try to eat one or more of these foods as often as possible.

Lean proteins – For example, fish, poultry, meat, and tofu. These types of lean proteins supply the body protein and phosphorus, which keeps the teeth healthy.

Nuts– Nuts are great for your teeth because they are rich in protein and calcium with low sugar. Try to eat an Almond regularly.

Yogurt, milk, and cheeses – Yogurt and cheese are healthy dairy products that help your oral health. Yogurt will stimulate the mouth to produce saliva, which protects the mouth. 

Also, yogurt contains healthy bacteria (probiotics), which is good for the digestive. Cheese and yogurt contain high concentrations of protein and calcium. This nutrient and mineral are good for the bones, including the teeth.

Carrots, leafy greens, and celery – Vegetables are a great source of minerals and vitamins, and they also activate the saliva duct in the mouth to release saliva.

Apples – Do you remember the quote “An apple a day keeps you away from the doctor?” 

Well, it also applies to visiting the dentist. Apple provides fiber and hydration for your body. Also, you can substitute your sugary treats with apples to protect your teeth even better.

Black and green teas – Black and green tea supply a healthy dose of fluoride, which helps to prevent tooth decay. That is why fluoride is used in toothpaste. Some water suppliers also add fluoride to the water reserve to help strengthen the teeth.

Most seafood is an excellent source of fluoride because the oceans have natural sodium fluoride. Canned pork, carrot, cheese, canned tomato products have varying quantities of fluoride. You should use such products more often. 

If you have the time, read USDA National Nutrient Database for a list of foods with fluoride. 

Impact of physical fitness on oral health

A study by the Journal of Dentistry revealed that “never-smokers” who exercise regularly were 54% less likely to develop periodontal diseases. 

There is also a connection between body weight and oral health. Research shows that people who maintain a healthy weight through exercise and dieting are 40% less likely to develop dental health problems. 

The benefit of physical fitness on your oral health is obvious. So, it follows that you should adopt a fitness lifestyle if you want to reduce the risk of developing dental issues. 

However, you should exercise cautiously and use protective gear for your mouth to protect your teeth from damage. At Modern Family Dental Care, we believe a balanced approach is necessary for getting all the benefits from physical activity. 


When you “eat to live” and “exercise to live”, you increase your chance of living a healthy and long life, free of dental diseases.

Remember preventive care is better than restorative treatment. In other words, performing a tooth extraction or root canal operation is more expensive and painful than eating the right food, exercising, and cleaning your teeth routinely. 

We encourage you to start caring for your oral health today. If you’re in Charlotte and need a dental check-up, contact Modern Family Dental Care to book an appointment. We are a highly-rated and affordable dental practice in Charlotte.

Do you have questions about diet or dental health? Leave a message in the comment. We are always happy to help.

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