How to Ease Your Child’s Fear Of the Dentist

how to ease your child’s fear of the dentist

As all parents know, good oral hygiene is an essential part of a child’s healthcare, and going to the dentist is something we all must do to have strong healthy teeth. Introducing your child to the dentist at a very young age will accustom her to the office, the dentist and his staff, and some of the procedures that she can expect.

Most experts agree that taking your child to the dentist after her first birthday is not too young. Instilling good oral habits is not hard to do if you start as early as possible. At Modern Family Dental Care, we focus on creating a welcoming environment for all of our patients and we have years of experience in family dental care.

How to Overcome Fear of Going to the Dentist

Check out our list of ways to ease your child’s fear of the dentist here:

Children Imitate What They See

Most kids watch their parents like hawks and imitate their behaviors. Showing your child how you care for your own teeth is a good place to begin. Let them watch you brush and floss, and explain to them that doing these things will help them to eat well and speak easily by keeping their mouths healthy. Teach them how to brush and do your own brushing together with your child. Make it fun.

Don’t Use “Trigger” Words

In describing a dental visit, avoid words like “pain” and “shots” when speaking to your child. Try to help your child to understand that this is all about staying healthy and something that everyone has to do. 

Allow the dentist and his staff to guide your behavior when in the office. They are trained at working with children and will be prepared for the occasional tears and tantrums. They have the right tools to help people learn how to overcome fear of going to the dentist.

Promote a Beautiful Smile

Impress upon your child that having a lovely smile and strong healthy teeth and gums are important for their lifelong well-being. It is difficult for most children to think about life far down the road, but if you use yourself as an example, it will be easier to make your point.

Dentists know how to introduce the instruments to your child so they don’t seem scary, and they are always aware that this new experience attracts fear of the unknown. Rest assured that they will ease your child into the dental experience in a way that keeps fear to a minimum. Helping your child develop with good oral habits will instill in her a sense of control over her good health, and ensure that she keeps her mouth healthy for years to come.

At Modern Family Dental Care, we work with patients of all ages to make dental care as easy and painless as possible. We know how to help people learn how to overcome their fear of going to the dentist. 

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