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History of University City, Charlotte Area

Not many neighborhoods in North Carolina have a unique origin story like the university city, charlotte area. University city is famous for being the young people’s hub of Charlotte. However, this beautiful part of Charlotte wasn’t always glamorous and energetic. 

This article reviews the university city’s history and the best things to do there. 

As a family dentistry in Charlotte & Concord, Modern Family Dental Care believes in promoting the community’s history and encouraging healthy habits through information sharing.

History of University City 

Origin & Evolution

University city started from humble beginnings. Back in 1946, the government opened a Charlotte center of the University of North Carolina to educate veterans of the second world war. The initiative was successful, and Charlotte’s education leaders pushed for the center to become a 2-year college. 

Three years later, in 1949, the government turned the Charlotte center into the Charlotte college, making it a two-year junior college. In 1961, the Charlotte college moved into two buildings on the northern fringe of the city. Initially occupying a 250 acres space, the campus would grow to cover 1,000 acres of land. 

In 1964, the college became a 4-year state-sponsored institution that offered various academic courses. The next year, the state government passed a bill to make the college a full-fledged campus of the University of North Carolina (UNC). Today, the UNC’s Charlotte arm is the second largest of the 17 institutions within the University of North Carolina system.

The Charlotte center’s evolution from a 2-year college to a 4-year college to a UNC campus brought development to the area. As the student population grew, the school employed more staff, and businesses set up shop around the University city to serve the students. 

Modern-day University City 

Today, the university city is a popular and lively neighborhood in Charlotte. Students, businesses, workers, landlords, and Charlotte residents make up the neighborhood population. 

The area has every amenity you will need to live a good life, such as hospitals, dental practices, salons, spas, libraries, and more. Major fortune 500 companies have branches in the neighborhood, and the University Research Park, University Executive Park, and Innovation Park employ thousands of people. 

Living in the University City Neighborhood 

Life in the University City neighborhood is as you would imagine. The population is young and progressive. There are several places to eat, drink, and chill. Residential homes, multi-family properties, and student hostels make up the real estate.

There is no official crime data for the University city. However, according to areavibes, you have 1 in 12 chances of being robbed in the university city area. Based on anecdotal reports, the crime rate is higher around the university area. 

5 Things to do in the University City, Charlotte Area

Without question, University City is a fun neighborhood. The diverse population is on the young side with an average age of 27, which is 20 times lower than Charlotte’s average.

There is always something interesting to do in the university city area. If you’re new to the neighborhood or looking for new places to explore, start with our list

1. Dine at Ciro’s Italian Restaurant

For an authentic Italian dining experience in a classy environment, visit Ciro’s Italian restaurant. The meals are cooked to perfection – it won’t let you down. 

Due to the COVID, the restaurant opens Monday to Saturday between 3 pm and 9 pm. You are required to come with your face mask and maintain 6 feet distance within the business premises. 

Ciro’s Italian Restaurant

2. Watch the Charlotte 49ers

Your stay in the University City neighborhood will be incomplete if you don’t watch the Charlotte 49ers play. The Charlotte 49ers represent the University in college football. The team plays well, and the fans are passionate.

Note: The pandemic has disrupted the college football calendar. So games are canceled or played indoors without fans.

Charlotte 49ers playing against the Appalachian state.

3. Raise a glass at Wine Vault

The Wine Vault is an excellent place to hang out with a group of friends. Here, the seating arrangement is comfortable. There are plenty of seats on the patio, and the bar has a great selection of wine. Customer reviews of the service suggest that the staff is friendly and helpful.

4. Explore Edgewater Bar & Grille

Edgewater Bar & Grille serves delicious meals like no other. In addition to the delicious menu, diners can drink quality wine and chill. You can hang out with your friends here or visit for an exclusive dinner in a serene environment. 

Covid update: Due to the pandemic, Edgewater Bar & Grille’s management decided to shut down until further notice. The reopening date will be communicated as soon as a lasting solution to the COVID is made available. 

5. Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium is a great place to visit with friends and your canine companion. The restaurant offers a limited menu, but the food tastes great. There is ample space inside and outside for a group of friends to sit and chill. Cold beer is served here. So you can eat, drink, relax, and listen to good music.

COVID notice: Due to the resurgence of the covid cases, you’re required to put on a face mask in public places and maintain 6 feet distance in a queue or sitting position. These efforts will help reduce the risk of transmission.


Although young, the university city has an interesting history. The present-day university city has grown in terms of economy, population, and infrastructure since the state opened the Charlotte center in 1946. 

There are retail shops, offices, dental practices, hospitals, auto-shops, banks, and several facilities in the area. Modern Family Dental Care provides excellent dental care to families and individuals living in the university charlotte and concord area. 

If you’re moving to the university city neighborhood and would love to transfer your dental care, contact us. Our dental care services are affordable and reliable.

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