Do You Need Dental Insurance?

Find Out If Having Dental Insurance Provides Benefits

Everyone will agree that most dental procedures can be expensive, especially when you need to undergo major dental treatments. While there are companies that include dental costs to the employees’ health insurance coverage, there are some that do not cover the costs of dental treatments.

If your job does not cover dental costs, then it is up to you to pay for the whole cost of the dental procedure. Another option that you have is to purchase dental insurance yourself. But, before you get dental insurance, you should know that you will get the most out of dental insurance if the plan fits your dental needs

So, do you really need dental insurance?

In this article, we will discuss whether dental insurance will provide benefits to you or not.

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Dental Insurance Coverage

There are different kinds of dental insurance coverage. It is important for you to know the different kinds of dental insurance coverage so that you can decide if these plans will cover your needs.

HMO – HMOs are considered as the least expensive type of dental insurance plan. In this kind of dental coverage, you will receive dental care only from dentists who are within the insurance provider’s network. Choosing a dentist who is outside the network will make you pay the full price of the dental treatment.

PPO – PPOs are employer-provided insurance plans that have a higher monthly premium compared to HMOs. PPO also has a preferred network of dental professionals but is commonly bigger than those found in HMO.

Discount Plan – This kind of plan works like a membership fee. Pay an exact amount every month and you will get a discount on dental treatments.

Indemnity Plans – Indemnity plans can co-pay either an HMO or PPO. Basically, you will pay a set amount every time you visit the dentist.

Is Dental Insurance Really that Helpful?

Dental insurance will protect from worst-case scenarios. However, how often do these worst-case scenarios really happen? In a really bad scenario, you might get a couple of treatments that include teeth cleaning, fillings, X-rays, root canal or others. But, this does not really happen frequently.

Aside from that, you actually have complete control to avoid these kinds of problems. Proper oral hygiene practices such as brushing your teeth regularly and going to the dentist for routine maintenance work will help you to fully avoid any kind of dental disease.

While dental insurance can help you when you need a couple of dental treatments or during dental emergencies, it is not really worth it to get one. If you have existing dental coverage from your employer, then you can rest assured that you can mitigate the risks of dental costs with no extra effort. But, if you are looking to get an individual dental insurance plan, it is better if you just focus on preventing dental problems by keeping good oral hygiene.

No Insurance? No Problem!

Instead of getting dental insurance, why not choose payment plans that will let you get the most out of your money? At Modern Family Dental Care, we offer dental payment plans in our effort to provide the most affordable dental care in the Charlotte and Concord Mills areas.

Our Wellness Savings Plan will save you 20% off the average dental fees and it includes various benefits such as free routine dental and gum exams, teeth cleanings, emergency exams, X-rays and more.

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