Do I Need a Root Canal?

The words “root canal” can be very scary to a dental patient. Often, we don’t know exactly what to expect, or how much pain during and after the procedure, we will have to endure. A root canal procedure is a serious matter, and many times we can remove a bit of the fear by knowing how it is diagnosed and its purpose.

Technically known as endodontic therapy, the need for a root canal is not so easily and accurately diagnosed. A dentist must evaluate information collected from various sources to accurately diagnose the need for a root canal.

Here are some signs most commonly noticed by patients, that there may be a problem with their teeth:

  • Pain and discomfort around the tooth and gum area
  • Swelling around the aggravated tooth
  • Recurring pimples around the gums
  • Individual teeth beginning to darken

Signs that may only be noticed by your dentist:

  • Trouble within the nerve spaces of the tooth
  • Detection of general overall tooth decay throughout the mouth

A dentist will begin to perform numerous tests once a problem has been detected by the trained eye, to be able to produce an accurate diagnosis. Through Percussion testing (tapping of the tooth with a dental instrument), x-rays, and other technical tests, a dentist can make a final determination.

If you are in need of a root canal, though it may be a fearful process, knowing that its main purpose is to remove a severely damaged tooth and its roots from your mouth to help promote future dental health, will help to make it a more bearable process. If you feel that you may be in need of a root canal in Charlotte, contact us at Modern Family Dental.