Dental Saving Plans: Save Money Without Dental Insurance

dental savings plans better than Dental Insurance

Do you know what a dental membership or heard of dental saving plans before? Ever feel like boosting your dental health is a maze of too many choices? Dental insurance can especially make it more complicated than it needs to be. That is why we have introduce our Premier Dental Membership as one of our two dental saving plans.

Picture this: a world where every floss, brush, and dentist visit gets you points toward awesome rewards. Yeah, that’s what we’re bringing to the table with our Premier Points-Based Rewards Program. It’s like your dental health’s new BFF.

Dental Saving Plans Without Dental Insurance

Why stick to the same old dental insurance program when you can be part of a dental saving plans squad that actually gets why you’d rather binge-watch your favorite series than think about your teeth?

Our program gets the dental drama and turns it into a fun game. Have a cavity? No biggie. Aim for those rewards and get that smile shining.

Rack up points for doing easy-peasy dental stuff and cash them in for cool perks, like discounts on services and products. It’s not just about the freebies; it’s about making your smile the best it can be without turning it into a snooze fest.

So, why should you jump on this dental health party bus with one of our dental saving plans?

Dental Saving Plans vs. Dental Insurance Benefits

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  1. Celebrate Every Victory: Earn points for every dental milestone, from fixing a cavity to repairing a cracked tooth. We’re here to celebrate every step towards achieving that perfect smile.
  2. Accumulate Points: Engage in exchanges of stories, advice, and the occasional dentist humor with a community that shares your enthusiasm for dental health. It’s like being part of an exclusive club dedicated to dental well-being.
  3. Discover Your Best Smile: Access complimentary smile assessments, along with free evaluations for implants and orthodontics, equipping you with the information you need for informed dental health and aesthetic decisions.
  4. Confidence Through Extended Warranties: Enjoy a three-year warranty on dental procedures, exceeding the usual two-year coverage, for assured quality care.
  5. Secure Your Savings: Avoid unexpected price hikes with our three-year fixed pricing guarantee, making your dental care expenses predictable and transparent, unlike dental insurance.
  6. Comprehensive Dental Care: Benefit from a broad spectrum of services, from preventive measures to advanced treatments, ensuring your dental health is thoroughly addressed.
  7. Simplify with Direct Access: Bypass the complications of dealing with insurance companies. Our program provides direct entry to premium dental services without intermediaries.
  8. Immediate Care When You Need It: Access care immediately, without the wait for insurance approval, preventing minor issues from escalating into major concerns.

Dental Health With Our Dental Membership

dental saving plans save money

Thinking it’s time to level up your dental health game in a way that’s actually fun? Slide into our Dental Practice (or, you know, book an appointment) to get the lowdown on joining the party.

Remember, every little thing you do for your dental health is a step toward being that person with the enviable smile. And with our Points-Based Rewards Program, you’ll have a blast getting there with or without dental insurance if you live in the Charlotte, NC area.

Take control of your dental vibe and join us. Because really, taking care of your smile should be as fun as a night out with friends. Your dental health isn’t just another thing on your to-do list; it’s the secret to a confident, show-stopping grin.

Let’s make dental health something to smile about, shall we?

Join now and let’s turn those pearly whites into your superpower. For more information, you can watch this short 20 minute presentation by Dr. Taj.

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