Complications of Chronic Gum Disease

How Can Chronic Gum Disease Affect Your Body?

Chronic gum diseases are the result of gum infections that damage the tissue and destroy the supporting bone on the tooth. Gum diseases are typical indications that there is something wrong with your oral health. However, little did people know that chronic gum diseases are also indicative of other problems in the different parts of the body.

Serious gum diseases can cause various complications in the body. The occurrence of gum diseases is normal but these can be easily treated and prevented through regular dental appointments. However, when gum diseases are left untreated, it increases the risk of patients to get other health conditions.

To prevent this, you should know which health problems are related to chronic gum diseases and learn how to avoid complications.

Complications of Chronic Gum Disease

Heart Disease

There are a number of theories why there is a connection between heart disease and periodontitis or gum disease. It has been widely believed that the bacteria that infect the gum causes gingivitis to travel to the blood vessels throughout the body and can cause inflammation in the blood vessels which in turn causes heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Some also believe that the body’s immune response to the bacteria that cause gum diseases also set off damages to the blood vessels in the body, including those that are in the heart. Lastly, people think that gum and heart diseases are related to each other because of one activity that causes them – smoking. 


Diabetes is a disease that can be closely related to gum disease. It is a health condition that is the result of too much sugar in the blood. Diabetes can reduce blood supply to the gums, leading to more serious problems. 

To prevent complications of diabetes and gum disease, proper oral care should always be exercised. Also, it is important that you disclose your health condition during your dental appointment so that your dentist will advise you on the medication and actions that you should take.


Stroke and gum disease can be directly related to each other. Gum disease can increase the risk of stroke, especially for patients who already have the condition. That is why patients who are under medication for stroke or those who are at risk may need antibiotics before undergoing any kind of dental treatment. Again, it is important that your dentist knows your medical condition before setting up an appointment for your dental treatment.

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