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Common Sources of Food Stains On Your Teeth

Though stained teeth can be an issue for people of various ages, the problem can become even worse as we get older. The aging process thins the enamel on our teeth making them the perfect sponge for soaking up food stains.

Whatever your age, it is good to avoid overindulging in foods and drinks that stain your teeth. You certainly cannot avoid all foods that are the source of stains, but knowing what the real culprits are can help you to combat the issue.

Below we list a few of the most teeth staining foods and beverages in our refrigerator and pantry:


As much as we love tea, especially in the winter, and value its health benefits; teas such as Earl Grey and black teas, contain tannins which are natural compounds in a variety of foods and beverages. Tannins are those compounds in dark teas that create that dry feeling in the mouth. Though perfectly harmless and natural in other ways, tannins are a major factor in the staining and discoloration of teeth. Green, white, and herbal teas are far less staining.


The same tannin compounds mentioned above in dark teas, exist also in red wine. Regular red wine drinkers will notice over time, a film of discoloration on their teeth. Surprisingly enough, red wine is not the only culprit. White wines can stain teeth as well. Red wine alone, will stain your teeth due to its heavy tannin content, while white wine appears to be a catalyst causing other foods and beverages to more easily stain the enamel of your teeth.


Once again, those tannins appear again as a major cause for discoloration, which is why dark berries, such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries can stain your teeth. Desserts and beverages made from dark berries will also cause major staining of your teeth.

Candy and Sweets

Sugar candy and sweets are also on the list of foods that stain your teeth. Popsicles, chewing gum and bubble gum will often stain your tongue, so if you notice a blue tongue from eating a popsicle or a piece of candy, dentists say that most likely, that color is on your teeth as well.

Cooking Sauces

Sauces like soy sauce, tamari, and various tomato sauces can stain your teeth. Many bottled marinades that are dark in color, like many Asian sauces, have a huge potential of causing deep staining of the teeth and gum area.

All of these foods certainly cannot be avoided at all times, but knowing their teeth staining abilities can help you to curb your appetite for overindulging.

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