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Cavity Prevention

Addressing Common Questions About CavitiesCavity prevention is the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy smile. Cavities are a form of decay and destruction, and they can wreck havoc on the mouth. Preventing them is the best way to ensure that your mouth fights against decay and remains healthy for your lifetime.

Cavities are tiny holes in the tooth enamel that allow the means for further decay and destruction to kill a tooth. Because teeth are made up of living tissues, they must be cared for to be kept healthy and alive. There are forces working against your oral health every day, and you must be on defense to prevent their destruction.

Millions of bacteria call your mouth their home. These bacteria are present in your mouth in order to benefit you; however, when they are allowed to linger for too long within your mouth they will begin to cause serious trouble. As you eat throughout each day tiny food particles are left behind inside the mouth. The bacteria in your mouth are there to help break down these food particles. Bacteria are attracted to food, especially food with a high sugar content. As the bacteria work to break down the foods they produce acids to assist them. As with all types of acid, these acids are destructive and can quickly damage the teeth. The longer the bacteria remain inside your mouth, the more acid they produce and the longer your teeth are subjected to their damaging factors. Cavities are formed by acids eating holes through the tooth enamel, thus exposing your teeth to vulnerability.

Cavity prevention is your only option in fighting against the formation of cavities within your mouth. Brushing your teeth, flossing every day, and visiting the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups are the only effective ways to prevent cavities from forming. Neglecting any one of these leaves your teeth vulnerable to decay. At Modern Family Dental Care, we are here to partner with you to ensure that your mouth achieves and maintains optimal health. Contact our dental practice today to schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning and exam and for methods of at-home care that you can put into practice to ensure that your dental health is a top priority.
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