6 Primary Causes of Toothaches

Primary Causes of Toothaches

Many, if not all, have already experienced a toothache at one point in their lives. That unbearable pain coming from just a small body part, making one’s life miserable briefly or for a long period.

The drama a toothache can cause from difficulty eating to not getting enough sleep can be a nightmare for everyone. Sometimes, it can be bearable and can be handled, but more often will need a dental emergency treatment.

The Toothache Sensation

A toothache is a pain you feel in or around your tooth. It is a symptom that something is wrong with your tooth or gums.

Toothaches vary in pain level, from mild to severe. It can be continuous pain or intermittent. Pain sensations can be throbbing or drilling. It can be a sharp pain when being touched or clenched. Inflammation in the gums causes swelling in the cheeks and fever can develop when there’s an infection. Painful sensitivity to hot and cold also is a sensation one may feel as well.

But, what really causes a toothache?

If you have already experienced a toothache, you may have an idea of what caused it. Your dentist may have explained that it’s caused by tooth decay that is left untreated, which develops into a tooth or gum infection.

Dr. Taj Haynes of Modern Family Dental Care discusses the main causes of a toothache.

This article looks into further details on the primary causes of a toothache. What commonly causes the ache in your teeth?

6 Most Common Causes of a Toothache

1. Cavities

This is the most common trigger for a toothache. In layman’s terms, tooth decay is damage to a tooth’s surface or enamel. Untreated, it can develop into small holes or tiny openings that cause sharp pain.

Tooth decays are caused by several or a combination of factors topped by lack of tooth care that results in bacterial growth, frequent eating, drinking sugary drinks or eating sweet candies and a lot more.

2. Trauma

Trauma can result in a tooth fracture, such as cracked, broken or chipped, due to physical activity. Playing sports, a rough fall or a strong bite can result in teeth being fractured. But you may be wondering why a broken tooth leads to pain in your mouth. It is because the fracture opens up the tooth and exposes the nerves.

Dental trauma can also cause fillings or sealants to dislodge resulting in a toothache because once again the inner part of the tooth or nerve is exposed.

3. Infections

Commonly a result of an untreated tooth that escalates to affecting the root and surrounding tissues. The growth of abscess is a sign of an infection. This pain is often widespread and hard to figure out where it is really coming from. An infection causes pulsating pain and sometimes fever. Moreso, this can also result in bone and tissue loss if not treated immediately.

4. Periodontal Diseases

These are diseases of the gums characterized by inflammation–red, swelling or bleeding gums. This causes dull pain in and around the tooth. A bacterial infection is a common culprit of gum diseases and if left untreated may result in further pain and damage to the teeth, gums and bones. 

5. Sinus Congestion

This one you’re probably not aware of. You might be asking now, how can sinus congestion cause a toothache? Sinusitis caused by inflammation or infection is a trigger for a toothache. Because of the pressure building in your sinus, the pain travels to your upper teeth. Know that your sinus is near the roots of your upper teeth, so if there is pressure or infection there, the roots reacted causing the toothache.

6. Abnormal bite and wisdom teeth

This is a problem of misaligned teeth pressing against each other. Malocclusion or ‘bad bite’ can be a trigger for a toothache. Often times resolved with conventional braces or Invisalign. However, these treatments can also result in tooth, gum and mouth pain.

Another culprit for an extremely painful experience is an impacted wisdom tooth because it festers below the gum line and pushes the other teeth. An impacted wisdom tooth calls for a fix through surgery.

Be proactive: Visit a Dentist

A toothache is a very awful experience. Don’t wait for it to strike back before seeking dental treatment.

Visiting your dentist for a regular check-up and exam can help avoid toothache and its causes like those mentioned earlier.

Visit Modern Family Dental Care for Toothache problems

But when toothache and other oral problems persist, don’t hesitate to reach and visit Modern Family Dental Care. We have multiple locations. Our locations are in the University Charlotte area and Concord.

Don’t wait for another toothache nightmare, get a dental check-up now. Book an appointment today!

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