3 Reasons Not to Wait for Dental Insurance to Visit the Dentist

why you should not wait for dental insurance to visit the dentist

Although many people without insurance put off going to the dentist long term, this can actually harm your health. Waiting until you have insurance can mean ignoring warning signs with your oral health.

Over time, small issues can become large ones, and do a great deal of damage. In fact, taking this approach can even damage your oral health.

What is the best way to go about taking care of your dental health without insurance?

Medical insurance is often considered necessary. Without health insurance, people may feel afraid of emergencies, or avoid doctors altogether. Dental insurance plans often do not possess the same guidelines as medical insurance. Consequently, waiting to secure an insurance plan does not guarantee that you will be able to receive services.

How Is Dental Insurance Structured?

Dental insurance differs substantially from medical insurance. Most people are familiar with the structure of medical insurance. You have an insurance policy, pay a deductible for services, and enjoy reduced health care costs. Dental insurance does not use this same model.

How Dental Insurance Differs from Medical Insurance

Dental insurance differs from medical insurance in 3 important ways. These include:

  • The scope of coverage.
  • The purpose of the policy.
  • The availability of use.

Supporting your oral health is not typically considered as expensive as general health care. Most benefit plans do not offer the same degree of coverage as medical insurance policies.

Preventative care is standard, but many procedures may not be covered at all, as they are not considered necessary. Unlike health insurance, emergency services are often not covered at all, or covered at only 50%-80%.

Medical insurance is usually seen as a fallback for emergencies. Dental policies are designed to limit costs and offer light support. Many policies have usage restrictions, including providers, timing, and more.

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait for Dental Insurance to Take Effect

It may seem wise to wait to visit your dentist until you have insurance. Getting your teeth cleaned is covered by most insurance companies, after all. You wouldn’t want to step into a doctor’s office without an insurance plan.

Unfortunately, there are several factors that make this particular type of insurance unnecessary to visit a dentist. These include the following:

The Cost of Insurance

Policies designed to cover dental costs can be pricey, costing up to several hundred dollars per month per person. When health procedures cost from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, health insurance is worth it.

Dental services do not follow the same rates as medical services. The cost of insurance often far exceeds the cost of dental procedures.

Waiting Periods

Many insurance companies offer dental coverage, but with specific stipulations. Among these are waiting periods, during which an insurance company is not held to a policy, and services are not covered.

Waiting periods range in length, typically starting at 3 months, but can extend up to 12 or even 18 months. By 3-6 months, your dental ailments will have worsened and increased in price.

Coverage Options

Medical coverage is vast, and usually covers at least a large portion of necessary procedures. Dental coverage is not as robust, and often only includes cleaning services or general preventative care. Dental coverage usually excludes more complex procedures, which may be only partially covered.

Most dental coverage does not include any restorative services or services that are not considered necessary. Dental policies also do not usually include braces and other treatments that are often deemed important, but not strictly necessary.

To combat the pitfalls of dental insurance, Modern Family Dental Care offers discount plans, a wellness plan, and payment options, to help defray the cost of procedures and get your smile back on track.

Dental coverage is often seen as a necessary type of insurance. Countless individuals will allow oral health issues to fester and worsen while they wait for their dental coverage to take effect. Most people who wait to go to the dentist believe they are making a wise choice. They are not usually eager to damage their health.

Unfortunately, waiting can cause a decline in oral health, make existing issues worse, and even cost more in the long run. For more information about dental insurance in Charlotte, NC, reach out to the team at Modern Family Dental Care today.

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