3-Prong Approach to Overcoming Challenges

3-Prong Approach to Overcoming Challenges

Life as we know took a sudden 90-degree turn with the coronavirus outbreak. It has caught everyone in the world, even the richest and most powerful, unprepared. World leaders are in complete disarray as positive cases mounts and death toll rises, cramming to find the most needed cure.

The world is a picture of confusion and uncertainty right now. Never did we imagine that a crisis of this magnitude would happen to us. 

This pandemic definitely rained on our parade. We were caught off-guard. Suddenly, our goals and aspirations were halted. It’s as if the pause button was clicked and our lives were put on hold. That’s the reality we’re in now and the bad news is, no one knows when this will be over.

If you are still healthy and well, there’s still a ray of hope! That’s a reason enough to fight and tackle this problem. We’ve proved time and again that humanity can triumph over any challenge. We can overcome this pandemic as well. The answer is within us.

1. Change Your Perception

The very reason why a lot of us can’t move forward is that we dwell too much on the situation we’re in. We question a lot about why things happen and we stop there. We must learn to accept things and situations as they are. As the saying goes “Whatever happens happens”, and that’s true. Acceptance will help us to move on.

When facing problems, learn to be objective. Look at the situation when you’re not so emotional. Stop asking the Why questions as you typically won’t find the answer. Instead, ask yourself How and What questions because they offer the answers you are seeking.

Questions such as “How can I do things differently to get out of this situation?”, How can I do things better to avoid the same problem?”, “What can I do now to propel me forward?”, “What is my main priority now that I’m no longer working?”, “What is my priority in terms of action items to get my business back on track?”

These questions ask objectively rather than focusing on the emotional aspect. They seek actionable answers and responses. By asking yourself such questions, you’re starting to turn the problem into an opportunity.

Stop complaining about the situation, instead, be accountable. Take responsibility and prepare to act. Get ready to overcome your challenges.

Step 2: Take Action

Most of the time, a problem calls for immediate action. It requires us to act instantly, otherwise, it will just get worse. This is not to say that we wouldn’t think nor plan, but what it implies is that we have to start moving. We have to act. 

The key to taking action is to have the right purpose. It is the core of why we do things. Be persistent. Know that problems can’t be resolved overnight and the action you do should be done consistently. You have to do things over and over until fruition. In this process you’ll build the habits and discipline.

You don’t lose weight by just going to the gym one time. You have to do it regularly, day-in and day-out. You have to allot time, effort and resources to achieve your goal. That’s persistence! By taking action, you commit and take responsibility. You got to have the energy to carry the action forward.

In our dental practice, the COVID-19 situation put our operations into a halt. We see it as a time to slow down to speed things up. It’s a preparation time for us to get ready full swing once everything gets back to normal. By then, we can do things a lot more efficiently and intentionally. 

This temporary pause is an opportune time for us to work out better processes and systems than ever before. That is how we are moving during this pandemic. Our goal is to be a better dental practice for our team members, patients and the community.

Step 3: Develop the Will to Do It

In taking action, what will make you last? It’s the will to do it that will keep you going. The will to move forward whatever the obstacle is. The will is like an eternal power of having the proper perspective to do the action.

But how will you develop and nurture this will?

One is to practice cheerfulness. Find joy in what you do. May it be during a time of pain or difficulty. Embrace the hardships and come out better. It’s in these times that you’ll grow.

Secondly, you have to persevere. The difficulty of the situation is imminent and it can make you lose the will. But with perseverance, you’ll have the endurance to stand up each time you fall. You’ll have a renewed spirit each time you fail. Perseverance is the staying power to keep going.

Again, in life, you can’t choose what happens. Life happens after all. But you can choose how to respond to what life gives you. Will you be a victor or a victim? Choose to triumph over your challenges.

As you prepare for the coming days, ask yourself, how can you be stronger, how can you be better in what you do and how can you come out of the situation empowered.

We never know when this COVID-19 will end, but at least we know that we are prepared for the battle ahead. A renewed mindset, the persistence to act and an enduring will are our weapons to overcome this challenge and the many more to come.

Modern Family Dental Care in Charlotte is one with you in spirit to overcome this pandemic. We are committed to taking care of our patients and our community. It is our part to provide you with the best dental care to ensure you’ll be healthier.

You can always reach us and talk to us about your dental concerns. Contact us today! We’re also open to serve you on an emergency basis. Give us a call at (888) 716-3184.

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