Where to Get Affordable Dentures in Charlotte, NC

The best and most affordable dentures in Charlotte, NC

If you’re reading this, chances are that you need dentures to replace missing or damaged teeth. However, since all dentures are not created equal, you might wonder where you can get the best and most affordable dentures in your area.

In this post, we will open your eyes to some of the things you need to know before getting dentures and where to get the best dentures in Charlotte and Concord, NC.

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable artificial teeth and gums created by your dentist to replace missing natural teeth. Dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth to ensure comfort and are visually matched to the appearance of your existing teeth.

There are different types of dentures, including:

  • Partial dentures
  • Complete dentures
  • Overdentures or denture implants

The right type of dentures for you depends on the number of teeth you’re replacing along with a few other factors.

Why you need dentures

Dentures are one of the most viable options for replacing missing teeth or teeth damaged by cavities or periodontal disease. Replacing missing teeth will brighten your smile, support your jaw and mouth structures, and prevent your facial muscles from sagging. This way, you’ll have a healthy, attractive smile, and your face won’t appear older than it is.

Moreover, they’ll restore the functionality of your teeth, so you can eat your favorite foods and keep yourself properly nourished. Lastly, getting dentures also means eliminating painful or troublesome teeth, replacing bad teeth with a stronger, more beautiful alternative, and improving your speech.

Should you get your dentures from any dental practice in Charlotte?

The short answer is no. While there are several dental practices in North Carolina, you should only get your dentures and denture implants from a dental practitioner who is licensed and experienced in the field. Getting dentures from an unqualified or inexperienced dental practitioner will most likely lead to pain and problems with ill-fitting dentures. Furthermore, you’re more likely to end up with cheap dentures with lower-grade materials that can contribute to serious health problems. An experienced and qualified dentist knows how to help you avoid denture problems and can recommend the best dentures to get and which material is best suited for your condition.

The best and most affordable denture provider in Charlotte, NC

Problems caused by cheap and ill-fitting dentures

Oftentimes, we come across patients looking for the cheapest dentures. However, you need to ask yourself: will it be worth it, in the end, to sacrifice your comfort, or even your teeth, for a cheaper quote? Of course not!

The difference in denture prices depends on the type of denture that is required, the denture materials, and how much patient care is needed. Most dentists that offer incredibly cheap quotes tend to use the lowest cost materials to meet the price they charge for taking impressions, fitting dentures, and providing the post-denture care they offer. Unfortunately, these low-grade dentures are prone to cracking, breaking, and shrinking, which can lead to an ill-fitting denture and problems like:

Gum irritation

Shrinking and ill-fitting dentures often rub against gum tissue, leading to bleeding, raw spots, and inflammation. In addition, scrapes or cuts on the gums can increase your risk of developing a mouth infection like cheilitis or stomatitis. Prolonged inflammation of your gums may also increase your risk of developing oral cancer.

Dentures moving around in your mouth

Cheap or ill-fitting dentures may come loose and cause unnatural movement within your mouth. These loose dentures can also rub against your mouth and cause blisters to form on your gums or other tissues inside your mouth.


The pressure and pain caused by cheap or ill-fitting dentures can spread upward and lead to earaches and headaches.

Difficulty with chewing 

Low-grade dentures can make chewing difficult since they are prone to cracking and breaking. You may also experience difficulty chewing if your mouth starts to hurt from shrinking or ill-fitting dentures. As a result, you may find it more challenging to keep your body nourished for healthy development and optimal functionality.

Bite problems

Since cheap dentures are prone to shrink more than 0.1%, the way they fit and how they impact the functionality of your bite can change. The uneven bite caused by cheap dentures can increase your risk of developing oral infections. Uneven pressure from these dentures can also lead to TMJ issues.

Besides bite problems, cheap dentures only offer limited gum color options and tooth selections, making them look less natural. Furthermore, they do not offer the comfort and longevity of premium quality dentures.

Where to get the best dentures in Charlotte and Concord, NC

As you can see, cheap or ill-fitting dentures can cause serious health problems and negatively affect your daily quality of life. Fortunately, we can help!

At Modern Family Dental Care, we offer the best and most affordable dentures and implants in Charlotte and Concord. We use high-quality materials, and our dentist makes room for multiple fittings and follow-ups to ensure you have the best fit, so you can count on comfort and satisfaction for years to come.

If your dentures in Davis Lake and Concord Mills are causing you pain or discomfort, do not hesitate to see us. Our dental professionals can also reline your dentures by adding material to the inner plate so they can fit securely and comfortably. Contact us or schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about dentures or how you can preserve your oral health and restore your confidence with dentures.

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